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The Wild's Bunch

The Wild's Bunch Project

The adventures of Wild, a grey wolf and the company of adventurers that it grows around him. The first group who is met for fortuity, consists of three companions: Wild the wolf, Rufus the bear and Kato the panther, (called the 3 Aces).The plot of “The Wild’s Bunch” is set in a place that recalls Italy in the Middle Ages, with its battlemented city, the impenetrable forests, myths and legends that surround them, inhabited by a population of various species of animals (instead of men) but also by creatures as dragons, talking trees, inhabitants of caves and forests, various monsters, pixies and fairies. The episodes are broadly structured with a common incipit, where a "customer" comes at the Tavern of Crossed Destinies, home of the company, and asks the three to take action to solve a problem. Normally customers would turn to other venture companies but the long wait or the high costs, or the assessment did the customer opt for a cheaper solution. The customers offer quests with more different subjects: treasures and/or magic items to be recovered, to fight against evil wizards and the creatures summoned from the darkness, chasing ghosts and nightmares from haunted castles, rescue maidens from ruthless orcs, reclaimed forests from monsters of all kinds and many other.It's hard for a small venture company, although composed of aces, with good will, get away every time and come back home safe and sound.